May 24, 2012

Renault Samsung Motors to show EV leadership in Busan international motor show 2012

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Renault Samsung Motors (CEO : Francois PROVOST) is taking part in the 2012 Busan International Motor Show (BIMOS) held at BEXCO with the main display theme of “EV Leadership & Future” through to June 3. The motor show is to be held for 11 days starting May 24, Press Day.

The company is displaying its 100% electric vehicle model SM3 Z.E., which is to be produced at the Busan Plant for retail sales in 2013, charging facilities, batteries, and other EV technologies such as MIV  (Mobile in Vehicle) and P2C  (Phone to Car) in an effort to raise its environmental brand image and leadership in the upcoming transitions of the automotive industry.

Based on Renault Group's EV technologies, RSM is currently developing a locally optimized EV model, SM3 Z.E. The company also participates in a smart grid test bed and other technologies in Jeju for further technical validations. It also formed partnerships with local leading companies such as LG Chem, LSIS, and SK Planet for EV production and developing a variety of initiatives such as EV rental service with POSCO ICT and EV used car business for the commercialization of EV.

In addition to SM3 Z.E., RSM is also displaying SM3 2.0 Turbo Racing Car, which will debut at Korea's largest on-road car racing competition Super Race.

SM3 Z.E., Genuine EV Leader

SM3 Z.E. is RSM's main display model for BIMOS this year. The model is the company's 100% electric vehicle, which is to be produced and sold as the first Korean-made mass market sub-midsized EV. The EV model will feature a variety of newly developed technologies of Renault Group and RSM.

Z.E. in SM3 Z.E. stands for Zero Emissions, which means that the car emits no carbon dioxide. SM3 Z.E. runs up to 182km in UDDS (Urban Dynamometer Driving Schedule) mode on a single charge. The highest speed is 135km/h, and the engine has a maximum output of 70kW and maximum torque of 226Nm. The 24kW lithium-ion battery for SM3 Z.E. is vertically installed in the trunk, and the energy recovery system starts operating at low speed to recharge the battery. LG Chem's 24kW lithium-ion battery will be installed in the output from 2013.

Three different charging methods are available for the battery of SM3 Z.E., which will begin to be mass-produced for retail sales in 2013. First, drivers can recharge the car battery with the 220V power supply at home or in the office under the normal charging mode. Second, the 400V AC quick charging system enables the recharge to be completed in 30 minutes.

Lastly, drivers will be able to exchange their batteries through the Renault Group’s “Quick Drop” technology which takes only a few minutes. The quick drop method helps to extend the driving distance of EVs to facilitate long-distance driving with a single charge.

RSM is currently developing various business models such as car sharing plans, car rentals, and EV taxis with several local partners. It plans to offer competitive EV products through attractive business models compared to regular gas-powered vehicles in consideration of the EV infrastructure establishment plans and state subsidies.

Specifications of SM3 Z.E.

    SM3 Z.E.
Exterior (mm) Length 4,75
Width 1,81
Height 1,46
Engine Maximum motor power (Kw) 70
Maximum torque (Nm) 226
Maximum speed (km/h) 135
Maximum driving distance (km) 182 (UDDS mode)
Battery capacity (kWh) 24

SM3 Racing Car

SM3 2.0 Racing Car is designed on the mass-production SM3 model and is loaded with a 2,000cc M4R turbo-charged (Garrett) engine. Basic racing safety equipment (roll cage, seating, 4-point safety belt, external engine stop device) and upgraded shock absorbers and springs are also embedded as replacements for mass-production specifications to improve performance. The car weight is also reduced for better performance. In addition to the basic tuning, racing slick tires are installed to ensure better racing performance.

Super Race Championship is Korea's largest on-road car race for mass-production models revamped pursuant to racing regulations. About 7 races are held between March and November every year. The first race for the 2012 season was held on Yeongam F1 International Circuit on May 5 and 6.

Specifications of SM3 Racing Car

    SM3 Race car
Exterior (mm) Length 4,7
Width 1,9
Height 1,45
Wheelbase 2,7
Engine Engine M4R + Turbo (Garrett)
Displacement (cc) 1,998
Horsepower (ps/rpm) 325/6,500
Maximum Torque (kg.m/rpm) 40/5,000
Maximum Speed (km/h) 250
0->100 km Times (sec) 5
Transmission Manual 6 speed transmission


RSM’s complete product range

RSM’s exhibition booth displays 9 vehicles including the black & white concept versions of SM3, SM5, SM7, and QM5, whose product specifications are as follows:

Specifications of RSM Models

  SM3 SM5 All-New SM7 QM5
1.6 2.0 2.0 2.5 2.5 3.5 Diesel Diesel Gasoline
Length mm 4,62 4,62 4,885 4,885 4,995 4,52
Width mm 1,81 1,81 1,83 1,83 1,87 1,855
Height mm 1,48 1,48 1,49 1,49 1,48 1,695
Engine I4 CVTC I4 CVTC Ⅱ I4 CVTC Ⅱ V6 V6 V6 I4 dCi I4 CVTC
cc 1,598 1,998 1,998 2,495 2,495 3,498 1,955 2,488
Ps/rpm 112 141 141 178 190 258 173 150 171
/6,000 /6,000 /6,000 /6,000 /6,000 /6,000 /3,750 /4,000 /6,000
Torque (kg.m/rpm) 15.9 19.8 19.8 23.8 24.8 33.7 36.7 32.6 23
/4,400 /3,700 /4,800 /4,400 /4,400 /4,400 /2,000 /2,000 /4,400
Transmission CVT CVT CVT 6 A/T 6 A/T 6 A/T CVT
Fuel M km/l 16.3          
Eco. A 15.0 13.2 14.1 10.1 11.0 9.6 15.1 14.3 11.8


Renault Samsung Motors

RSM and Renault invested 1.7 Trillion KRW (environ 1.15 billion euros) during the last 12 years. RSM has 1.3 million customers in Korea and exports to more than 60 countries around the world. Quality is RSM’s top priority, and RSM has been ranked number 1 for the past 10 years in Korean customer satisfaction surveys (CSI).  RSM has a unique place within Renault and the Renault-Nissan Alliance as a full-fledged automotive company in the very competitive Korean market. RSM is now extending its line-up to contribute to the changes of the Korean market and customers’ expectations: today with SM3 ZE, tomorrow with new concepts such as Captur.

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