January 20, 2012

The SM5 Eco-Impression successfully completed a 1,073km round trip without refuelling

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CEO of Renault Samsung Motors, Francois PROVOST, is pleased to announce that the SM5 Eco-Impression successfully completed a 1,073km round trip from the Reunification Gate in Paju to Busan New Port on a single tank of fuel on January 4-5, 2012. It is the first mid-range two-litre petrol vehicle to accomplish this feat in Korea

An in-house test carried out by Renault Samsung Motors on a route comprising main roads, motorways and city streets saw the SM5 Eco-Impression, which has a fuel tank capacity of 70 litres, carry its driver and one passenger from the Renault Samsung Motors Technical Centre in Giheung, to the Reunification Gate in Paju, the New Port in Busan and back to the Technical Centre on a single tank of fuel. Average fuel consumption for the 1,073km round trip was 15.5km/litre.

In response to customer demand for economical vehicles as a result of rising oil prices, the SM5 Eco-Impression achieved a Korean fuel consumption record for a two-litre petrol vehicle of 14.1km/litre. It was equipped with the new X-Tronic transmission for enhanced fuel efficiency, acceleration performance and ride-comfort, while turbo speed sensors, an improved clutch fluid, a high-precision oil pressure sensor and low-viscosity engine oil all helped to optimise engine performance.
Fuel efficiency was further increased thanks to a number of new technological features, includng Energy Smart Management (ESM), low rolling resistance tyres and neutral control function (Stop&Start???).

The test also saw the SM5 Eco-Impression achieve equal or better performance than other domestic mid-size vehicles at engine speeds of less than 4,000rpm, the rev-band most commonly used by customers. The car was acclaimed for its excellent fuel efficiency in built-up areas.

Hong-Sun Jeon (Mid- and Large-Range Brand Manager, Renault Samsung Motors): “The SM5 Eco-Impression is a highly innovative model which delivers significant fuel efficiency savings. It is the ideal vehicle for customers who seek premium value and low running costs in today’s world of high oil prices and economic recession.”

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- Product Communications: Jae-Yong Koh, Sam-Ik Whang (3707-5351, 5372)

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