June 17, 2019

Election of the Board of Directors of JSC ''AVTOVAZ''


The Annual General Shareholder Meeting of JSC “AVTOVAZ” was held on 14 June 2019. The meeting agenda included consideration of various matters and approval of a new composition of the Company’s Board of Directors.

Nicolas Maure, SVP, Chairman of Eurasia Region, Groupe Renault, was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC “AVTOVAZ”. Sergey Skvortsov was elected Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The following persons left the board: Thierry Bolloré, Jérôme Olive and Dmitri Kurdyukov. They were replaced by the following persons elected to the Board of Directors for the first time:

Olivier Murguet, Groupe Renault Executive Vice President, Sales & Regions;

Jérôme Moinard, Alliance VP Manufacturing, Process Engineering & Supply Chain for Eurasia;

Nikolay Teskhomskiy, First Deputy Chairman, Vnesheconombank.

The current composition of AVTOVAZ Board of Directors is following:

Nicolas Maure, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Senior Vice President, Chairman of Eurasia Region, Groupe Renault

Sergey Skvortsov, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, Executive Chairman, RT Invest

Bruno Ancelin, independent, former Groupe Renault Executive Vice President

Vladimir Avetissian - Deputy Chairman of Executive Board, UK`ROSNANO’

Yves Caracatzanis, President and CEO of AVTOVAZ

Gaspar Gascon Abellan – Deputy Alliance Executive Vice President, Engineering

Philippe Jeol, VP, Partnerships and Governance Eurasia Region, Groupe Renault

Sergey Kogogin - General Director, PJSC ''KAMAZ''

Olivier Murguet, Executive Vice President, Sales & Regions, Groupe Renault

Jérôme Moinard, Alliance regional Senior Vice President, Manufacturing, Production Engineering and Supply Chain

Thierry Piéton –Senior Vice President, Performance and Control, Groupe Renault

Nikolay Tsekhomskiy, First Deputy Chairman, Vnesheconombank

Eduard Vaino - Vice President for Government and Shareholders Relations, AVTOVAZ

Igor Zavyalov - Deputy General Director for Finance, State Corporation Rostec

Sergei Zaytsev - Chairman of Primary Trade Union Organization, AVTOVAZ.

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